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Sedation Dentistry Provides Anxiety-Free Dental Care

Sedation Dentistry ImageMillions of Americans put off critical dental care due to their anxieties and phobias about visiting the dentist. Unfortunately, without preventative care, a minor toothache can turn into a root canal or other serious oral health problem. That’s one of the reasons why our dental practice offers mild and moderate sedation dentistry. Under the guidance of our dentist, sedation dentistry helps anxious or nervous patients relax during their visit, which can help ease fears associated with a dental visit so that necessary oral health work can be completed.

Face Your Dental Fears with Sedation Dentistry

For many of our patients, sedation dentistry is truly life changing.  We use several options to help patients relax in a soothing atmosphere with earphones, laughing gas and Valium. Thanks to sedation dentistry, our patients are relaxed and calm – rather than suffer from crippling fear or anxiety that may prevent them from even making their initial appointment.

Whether a Brentwood patient is having root canal therapy or simply a routine cleaning, we help them remain calm and relaxed during the procedure.  Our goal is to make dental care as easy as possible.

Often the soothing atmosphere coupled with earphones that provide soothing sounds that cancel out the dental tool noises are enough to relax and know your dental professionals are taking care of you.

Sometimes our dentist will help patients relax by administering nitrous oxide or laughing gas, this helps to make the patient more comfortable.  

If you cannot tune out the anxiety, oral sedation, such as Valium, may be the solution.  Valium offers a mild level of sleep and amnesia that will take effect about an hour after taking it.  Some procedures, like gum treatment or cosmetic services can be more time consuming than others.  Thanks to sedation dentistry, our patients are able to relax and remain calm throughout the visit.  In Fact, our patients often tell us that they feel more relaxed following a lengthy treatment than they did prior to the initial visit.  Due to the sedation level, driving home after an oral sedation appointment should be designated to a friend or family member.

If you are afraid to visit the dentist, this is completely normal.  Many of our sedation dentistry patients had a negative experience growing up with a dentist, and this experience has unfortunately shaped how they perceive future dental care. The good news is that at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry there is truly nothing to fear!

Sedation Dentistry Consultation

Dr. Kellye Rice and our dental care team are dedicated to making your dental visit as easy and pain-free as possible. From our streamlined appointment system to our friendly front desk staff, we hope to make your dental visit a positive one. To learn more about our dental services, including sedation dentistry, or to schedule your appointment, please contact us today at 615-649-0556.