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Dental Examination and Cleaning  

Dental Exam Image

The importance of regular dental examinations cannot be overstated. Unlike your baby teeth, you will never get another set of adult teeth, so it behooves us all to take care of what we have. Here at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry in Brentwood, we cover all the bases in a comprehensive exam and cleaning, and we recommend this on a semi-annual basis. Early detection of problems is important when you are talking about any aspect of your health, especially with your mouth.

Dental Exam

At your first dental exam appointment with us, we will inspect not only your teeth and gums, but your jaw, tongue, and neck, as well. Your first visit will involve a full-mouth panoramic x-ray to inspect deep tooth and bone structures for any indication of developing problems.

Your teeth are examined for cavities, plaque, and tooth damage or looseness. Be sure to inform Dr. Rice of any abnormalities you are aware of, including any general health problems and medications you are currently taking. Tell her if you have noticed any changes in sensitivity in your teeth to heat or cold temperatures or sweet foods or changes in the position of any of your teeth. Be sure to mention if your dental floss catches and frays on rough edges anywhere. Note any signs of bleeding or inflammation of the soft tissues in your mouth.

Dr. Rice will examine your lymph nodes and glands for signs of swelling or inflammation. She will check the functioning of your temporomandibular joint -- where your jaw connects to your skull. And she will inspect any prior dental work for changes that may require attention. She and her staff will check the alignment of your bite. You will, of course, be advised of any need for tooth restoration or replacement.

Dr. Rice will evaluate the general effectiveness of your normal oral hygiene practices, and advise you of anything more you could be doing. She will evaluate and advise you on your risk of tooth or root decay, and gum or bone disease. She will look for any early signs of cancer to the mouth or throat.

Dental Cleaning

After your comprehensive examination and evaluation, a professional dental hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth. No mater how well you care for your teeth at home, a professional cleaning is necessary to get all of the surfaces as clean as possible. A thorough deep cleaning twice a year is recommended.

Your need for any further periodontal inspection or fluoride treatments will be advised, and our friendly and professional staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. Serving Brentwood and the surrounding area, Dr. Rice and her team are dedicated to providing you a strong foundation for great oral hygiene.

Has it been a while since you have had a professional dental exam and cleaning? Perhaps it is time. For answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment, please give Cool Springs Laser Dentistry a call at (615) 649-0556, or for your convenience, you can even set up an appointment online.