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Dental Insurance Benefits at the end of the year

How to obtain restorative dentistry such as dental implants, bridges and crowns in Brentwood, TN

Here at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we would like to inform you of the benefits of using your dental insurance before the end of the year for restorative dentistry services.

Dental Insurance Benefits in Brentwood

Navigating dental insurance benefits can be tricky. Many policies have both yearly deductibles and yearly maximum benefit amounts. Once you pay your deductible, your dental insurance pays for the rest only up to a certain amount. If you fail to use all of your allotted dental benefits before the end of the year, the money disappears, and you are subject to the same deductibles and limits the following year. This could cause you to pay more in out-of-pocket expenses than is necessary. We can help you determine your remaining insurance benefits and schedule cleanings and restorative dental services to help you use your benefits before they expire.

If your require particularly expensive procedures, including, dental implants & dental bridges, we can help you formulate a treatment plan that spans across several months and across the current and next year to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. For your benefit and financial planning, we can provide detailed treatment plans with prices so that you know exactly how much your dental procedures will cost.

We personally work with many dental insurance companies, including Care PPO and Delta Dental Premier. We are also familiar with many out-of-network insurance providers. To find out if we work with your provider, give our office a call.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry encapsulates caps and crowns and dental implants & dental bridges. These procedures often take more than one visit to our office. Dental crowns or caps are designed to fully surround and protect a weak, cracked or damaged tooth. They are also used to secure dental bridges. During the first visit, the damaged tooth is prepared for the crown and a temporary stainless steel crown is placed over the tooth. The temporary crown is designed to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is molded and sent by the manufacturer.

Dental bridges are designed to fill in one or more missing teeth and are typically permanent. The surrounding teeth are prepared to receive crowns to hold the bridge in place. The specifications for the bridge are sent to a laboratory for construction. Once the bridge is received, it is permanently affixed and matches the surrounding teeth.

Dental implants are an alternative way to replace missing teeth. During this procedure a post is placed into the gum, and the gum is allowed to heal around the post. Then, the custom manufactured tooth is secured onto the post. Dental implants are convenient because they require no special care and can be treated just like your natural teeth.

To schedule an appointment for restorative dental services or a cleaning, please contact our Brentwood, TN. dental office at 615-649-0556. The sooner to call, the more likely we will be able to work your appointments in before the end of the year.