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Oral Surgery | Brentwood, TN

Do you need work done on your teeth but are too afraid to schedule your appointment?

We work with patients frequently who need oral surgery. They are typically nervous about the procedures that require drilling or removal. The anxious feelings are understandable, but we want to assure patients they will be relaxed and comfortable during their dental visit.

Common Oral Surgeries

When your teeth are damaged beyond repair, you may need extraction and implants. This requires removing all or part of each damaged tooth. The implants will be placed in your gum line and, when the gum has healed, the prosthetic tooth is placed over the top to match the surrounding teeth and fill the gap.

Another common oral surgery is the removal of wisdom teeth. For many people, wisdom teeth do not grow in properly and become impacted or decayed. Wisdom teeth can cause damage to the neighboring molars, so it is often best they are removed. Most patients get their wisdom teeth extracted between the ages of 17-26 and removal before the age of 20 is most recommended for the quickest healing process.

Additional surgeries may include bone grafting, root canals and more. We may place a bridge, caps or veneers to improve your smile. The whole goal of your surgery will be to get your teeth back to where they used to be – providing you with a white and natural-looking smile that allows you to chew and speak without pain.

Preventing Pain or Discomfort

To keep our patients calm and comfortable during their procedure, we administer anesthetic prior to completing any oral work. We offer a topical numbing medication that helps reduce any discomfort from the numbing shots. Your mouth will be numbed completely on the side we will work on, eliminating any pain or irritation you might otherwise feel. We can also utilize mild sedatives to help you relax. The gas allows you to stay awake, while interfering with the anxious feelings.

Our team is dedicated to helping you feel your bet during these procedures. We know that immediate care is the best option and prolonging the procedure will only allow your situation to worsen. A simple procedure can become a complicated one if treatment is not sought. Don’t continue to put of your consultation – set up an appointment with us today and lets get your oral work taken care of to improve your overall health and wellbeing!

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