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The term “braces” in cosmetic dentistry used to mean getting a “metal mouth” to achieve the desired alignment of your teeth. And that is the image that still comes to mind for many people: the wires, the brackets, the discomfort, the eating restrictions, the embarrassment… if there was a way to say goodbye to those problems and still get straight, healthy teeth, would you want to try it? Well, you can! Our dentist in Brentwood has two great options for invisible braces that remove all of the embarrassment, restrictions and discomfort while still applying the necessary pressure to move your teeth into wonderful alignment.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect and Invisalign Invisible Braces

Having crooked or overcrowded teeth is more than just a cosmetic dentistry issue—these problems can severely impact your actual dental health. These problems make it harder to clean and care for your teeth, leaving more food, acids and bacteria stuck in hard-to-reach spots to cause periodontal disease problems. But many people have steered clear of braces because of the problems associated with the traditional metal variety. Dr. Rice knows this has been an obstacle for patients in the past. But today, Invisalign and ClearCorrect invisible braces make those obstacles a thing of the past.

Both styles are very similar. They involve making a set of customized clear tray braces that you can wear over your teeth. Even though these are clear and you can take them off to eat and wash them, they still exert the forces necessary to gradually move your teeth through the bone and into a better alignment. What everybody loves about these clear braces is that hardly anyone else will know you are wearing them. They fit snuggly over the teeth and are clear, so they look just like your normal teeth.

In each case, Dr. Rice begins the process of prescribing your invisible braces by making photographs, radiographs and impressions of your current bite. These are sent to either the Invisalign or ClearCorrect laboratories, based on your choice of brand. There, they make precise 3D models of your bite and create a series of custom clear aligners designed for you to wear that will, over time, move your teeth into optimal position. You can remove these aligners to clean them, brush your teeth and eat apples and caramel corn (in limited quantities and with proper dental hygiene in between, please)!

While these two brands of clear braces are extremely similar, there are some differences, particularly in regards to price and convenience, which may make one more appealing to patients than another. While Invisalign has been in the market longer, many patients favor the cost effectiveness of ClearCorrect instead. Naturally, it is important to discuss all of your options with Dr. Rice before settling on your brand of choice.

If your teeth are crooked or overcrowded, please contact Cool Springs Laser Dentistry today for an appointment to talk with Dr. Rice about clear braces: (615) 649-0556.