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One of our most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening, which can return your smile its bright, former self! Do you have questions about this simple procedure? Our dentist is happy to offer the answers to some of our most commonly received queries.

Does Brentwood teeth whitening really work?

Brentwood teeth whitening provides dramatic results, whitening your teeth by several shades.

How does teeth whitening in Brentwood work?

Teeth whitening bleaches your teeth to change the enamel to a whiter, brighter shade. This cosmetic procedure is one of the fastest, easiest things you can do to improve your appearance and enhance your smile.

Will teeth whitening damage tooth enamel?

Teeth whitening does not permanently damage tooth enamel. This safe procedure leaves your teeth looking their healthiest.

How does teeth whitening affect fillings, veneers and crowns?

Teeth whitening will not affect the color of dental appliances such as crowns. If you want a crown to better match the shade of your newly whitened teeth, we can discuss a replacement.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening should not cause pain but some patients experience sensitivity. This sensitivity results from widening of enamel pores, which allows hot or cold substances to penetrate deeper into the enamel than usual. This sensitivity is not permanent, usually disappearing in two to three days.

Are toothpaste whiteners just as good as teeth whitening products?

Toothpaste whiteners use a mild abrasive to clean only the surface of your teeth. These products do not actually change the color of your teeth so toothpaste whiteners can never produce dramatic results like teeth whitening products.

Are over-the-counter teeth whiteners as safe and effective as professional care?

Over-the-counter products only remove stains – they do not change the color of your tooth enamel. During Brentwood teeth whitening, your dentist applies a strong peroxide solution to your teeth and then shines a special light onto your teeth to enhance the bleaching action of the whitening solution. Over-the-counter products can also cause gum irritation from too much gel or poorly fitting trays. Your dentist will apply a special gel to your gums during professional whitening to protect them.

Can I get my teeth whitened at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry?

Teeth whitening is safe and effective for most people but only a dentist can determine if teeth whitening is right for you.

Should I get my teeth cleaned first?

To optimize the results you get from teeth whitening, whether you do it at home or through Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, always start with a professional teeth cleaning. This procedure gives teeth whitening agents the cleanest possible surface to whiten.

How long does a Brentwood teeth whitening appointment usually take?

You can expect your appointment for teeth whitening in Brentwood to last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

How long will the results last?

Your teeth will remain whiter and brighter for six months to two years, although some people report whiter teeth for up to ten years after teeth whitening. You can keep your teeth whiter longer by avoiding cigarettes and certain foods known for causing stains, such as red wine and coffee.