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Where Functional Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry Meet

Your best health benefits are having your natural tooth root which is why we always strive to maintain a health mouth and healthy teeth.  Sometimes, however, the best option is to extract a tooth.  Now we have the next best thing to your natural tooth root - a dental implant.

If you feel that your missing teeth cause you embarrassment and make eating or speaking properly a chore, then you may be a good candidate for permanent implants. This state-of-the-art dental technique restores both the aesthetic beauty of your smile and your ability to use your teeth with confidence -- an ideal combination of cosmetic dentistry and functional dentistry. Here at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry we are happy to offer implant dentistry as a means of achieving more stable, comfortable, convenient and reliable tooth restoration than ordinary dentures of bridges can provide.

Ideally, you would keep a full set of teeth your entire life, repairing the occasional damaged specimen with a crown, filling or other treatment. Occasionally, however, the smartest way to deal with a diseased or damaged tooth is to extract it. Unfortunately, this not only leaves you with an obvious gap in your smile, but it may also impair your ability to pronounce certain words or chew with optimal efficiency. It also causes the bone in the jaw to lose its density over time, and it may allow surrounding teeth to drift out of their normal alignment. Wearing a bridge or denture may improve your looks, but it does nothing to prevent bone loss. These prosthetics also tend to slip at embarrassing moments, forcing you to glue them into place or keep adjusting them.

By contrast, a dental implant serves as a permanent tooth replacement. This procedure involves inserting a threaded metal support into the jawbone. A process called osseointegration then secures the post to the surrounding bone. Osseointegration occurs when the bone grows flush with the threads of the support, creating a single "locked" entity at least as strong as a normal tooth root. Once this fixture is securely in place, we then install a realistic porcelain crown onto the top of the support. You now have a tooth that looks and functions just like your other teeth, enabling you to eat, smile and talk freely. Even better, you can brush and floss your new tooth normally instead of using the special cleansers required for removable prosthetics.

You'll also find that dental implants provide more predictability and satisfaction than other kinds of dental appliances. Dentures and bridges, for example, need constant re-lining, refabricating, or other modifications to maintain their fit and appearance, and the materials they are made of wear down over time. A dental implant is designed to be a permanent fixture that lasts a lifetime, making it a wiser long-term investment.

Get Your Dental Implants at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry

Schedule a consultation at our clinic so we can see whether your health and bone density permit implantation. Once we have implant the metal support, the osseointegration takes about six months. Fitting the final permanent crown may take an additional two months. You can then enjoy decades of trouble-free service from your beautiful new tooth. Contact Cool Springs Laser Dentistry today!