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New Laser Technology Is Making Patients Smile in Brentwood!

No Shots, No Numbing, No Pain!

We use the new T4Med LightWalker™ laser to treat decay and gum disease quickly, often without shots, numbness or high-pitched whine of a drill. At Cool Springs Laser Dentistry, we are proud to be the first dental office in Cool Spring to offer this kind of patient-friendly laser treatment and latest technology.

We are proud to be one of the first dental offices in Cool Springs to offer this kind of patient-friendly laser treatment and latest technology.  Call today at 615 373-4488 to schedule an evaluation.

Benefits of Dental Lasers over Traditional Tools

Dental lasers have been around since the 1960s but digital technology has improved the standard of care dental lasers provide. Today’s lasers remove tooth decay while preserving more tooth structure and leaving behind a healthier tooth than with drills and metal picks.

Patients are more comfortable with lasers because the modern lasers create less heat, pressure, and vibration than conventional dental drills. The best part is that the procedure is largely painless, meaning most patients do not need injections or anesthesia. In fact, dentists who use lasers like the T4Med LightWalker™ report that 90 percent of patients require no anesthesia for the procedure. As an added benefit, appointment times are shorter because dentists and patients do not need to wait for anesthesia to take hold before beginning treatment.

Lasers can significantly shorten healing time as compared to surgical procedures performed with a drill or scalpel. This shortened recovery time is because lasers cauterize tissue during treatment, creating a blood clot that stops bleeding and stimulates the healing process.

Drills and scalpels can damage dental tissue, whereas laser treatments present a very low probability of damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This is especially important in the treatment of cavities, where traditional tools can potentially crack the healthy portions of the tooth. Lasers leave stronger, healthier teeth.

Dental lasers result in longer lasting fillings, speedier healing times, healthier tooth structure and a more sterile environment. The dentists at Cool Springs Laser Dentistry are glad to provide optimal treatment outcomes and patient peace of mind by using the new and innovative T4Med LightWalker™. Make an appointment today with Cool Springs Laser Dentistry and let our dentists and laser technology give you the whiter, brighter, and healthier smile you deserve.